Dan Ornsby - Owner OperatorHello there

My name is Dan Ornsby, I am 40 years old and I have had a strong passion for motorcycling for as long as I can remember.

I have fond childhood memories of family outings in the custom sidecar of Dads 1979 Triumph Bonneville, with myself, my brother and the dog in the sidecar and Dad and his lady aboard the bike.

My first riding experience was at 10 years of age aboard a 1970’s 50cc trail bike on our family’s lifestyle block in Oxford. From that day I was well and truly hooked and would ride at any opportunity given.

The day after my 15th Birthday I passed my motorcycle learner license and with it came a huge sense of freedom. My first road bike was a Honda XR 200cc dual purpose bike which I commuted to work on through the week, battered around off road in the evenings and weekends and took on various road trips around the south Island.

Over the years I have owned more bikes than I could list on one page, with my current road bike being a 2008 Suzuki GSX 1400.

My passion for motorcycling extends beyond the road to the racetrack. Following in my father’s footsteps I have been racing competitively for the past 15 years in different disciplines, from dirt track Speedway to road racing.

In 2008 I completed my ‘Motorcycle Instructors Endorsement’ and gained employment with a commercial driving school conducting the ‘Motorcycle Basic Handling Test’ and teaching road skills. In May 2010 I branched out and started ‘Dan Ornsby Motorcycle Training ‘.

Although considered reasonably proficient at riding a motorcycle, I have over the past 4 years been developing the skills and methods required to teach. During this time and through constant analysis of what I am doing while on the bike I believe my riding has improved as a result.

To enjoy the full potential of your motorcycle I believe there are 3 very important things required: a reasonable level of skill, a good understanding of the motorcycle (handling characteristics etc) and confidence.

My father strongly impressed on me at an early age, the dangers associated with riding a motorcycle on a public road. Never assume you have been seen and never except that anyone will do anything they should. In his words “Treat everyone as an idiot”.

In my opinion many of the motorcycle accidents happening on our roads could be avoided if only people took more ownership of their safety. All too often we hear, “I got knocked off my bike, but it wasn’t my fault’. It‘s not a blame game and It doesn’t matter who is in the wrong when you are lying on the ground, in a hospital bed, or worse! It’s your problem. We have no control over other motorists and you never know what is coming up around the next corner. If you ride with this attitude then the chances of becoming a statistic are greatly reduced.

Whether helping complete beginners get the correct skills in place and build on good riding habits, to assisting in fine tuning the skills of seasoned riders I believe I have something to offer.

Enjoy the ride, Dan