The Ornsby Motorcycle Training team are all fully qualified, professional instructors with 100 years combined riding experience. On average, we each clock about 40,000km per year coaching other riders. That makes us one of New Zealand’s most experienced motorcycle training teams—trust us, you’re in good hands. Check out our testimonials page to see why previous customers call us the South Island’s best motorcycle training school.

We provide a wide selection of courses, from beginner, learn to ride lessons, to assisting you in obtaining your motorcycle licence, through to advanced Dirt Bike Training Courses.

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Dan Ornsby >


NZTA Approved Instructor

Track Instructor

Ride Forever Training Provider



My first riding experience was at 10 years of age aboard a 1970’s 50cc trail bike at the family property in Oxford. From that day I was hooked! I have fond childhood memories of Dads 1979 Triumph Bonneville—with myself, my brother and the dog in the sidecar—and Dad and his partner aboard the bike.

The day after my 15th Birthday I passed my motorcycle learner license. Freedom! My first road bike was a Honda XR 200cc which I used to commute to work through the week, battered around off road most evenings and weekends and took on various roadies. My current road bike is a 2008 Suzuki GSX 1400.

Following in my father’s footsteps I have been racing competitively for the past 15 years in different disciplines, from dirt track Speedway to road racing.

In 2008 I completed my ‘Motorcycle Instructors Endorsement’ and started working as a riding coach. In 2010 I started Ornsby Motorcycle Training. When it comes to enjoying the full potential of your motorcycle, I believe there are 3 very important things required:

1. A reasonable level of skill
2. A good understanding of the motorcycle (handling characteristics etc)
3. Confidence.

My father strongly impressed on me at an early age, the dangers associated with riding a motorcycle on a public road—what I call the “Treat Everyone As An Idiot” philosophy. However, as a riding instructor, one of the things I hear the most often is, ‘I got knocked off my bike, but it wasn’t my fault’. In my opinion, when it comes to motorcycle road safety, it doesn’t matter who is at fault when you are lying on the ground, in a hospital bed, or worse! Many of the motorcycle accidents happening on our roads could be avoided if individual riders took more ownership for their own safety. Having the right attitude and right skills greatly reduces your chances of becoming a statistic. This starts with complete beginners being taught the correct skills and good riding habits, all the way through to fine tuning the skills of seasoned riders.





NZTA Approved Instructor

CBTA Assessor
Ride Forever Training Provider


I have been riding bikes for forty five years.

Motorcycling has always been a passion of mine and like many riders I started small (50cc!) and have since owned many bikes. One of the personal highlights for me on a bike, was tour through Bolivia that I did with a couple of mates. We hired DR650s and travelled about 5000km over mainly gravel roads, going from sea level to 15000 feet and finishing the trip by completing ‘Death Road’.

My experience has been mostly road riding but I’ve also branched out to racing and adventure bike riding. My racing has helped me become a more precise, smooth and fluid rider. My road riding, more than anything else has taught me the importance of having exceptional observation skills, and, my adventure riding has taught me skills to deal with loose surfaces, undulating terrain and unexpected obstacles.

Over my riding career I have always been an avid observer of other rider’s skills and have tried to pick the good and bad from their skills to improve my own riding. To this day I am still critiquing my riding skills and striving to improve.

Back when I began riding, there was no such thing as courses teaching riding skills and good rider habits. So I am very excited to be part of Ornsby Motorcycle Training team sharing my passion and helping other riders up-skill and ride smarter.

I look forward to working with you on your riding skills.





NZTA Approved Instructor

CBTA Assessor

Ride Forever Training Provider


Clive lives close to Ashburton with his wife and three children.  He has been riding motorcycles since the age of 15, was a keen Club Racer in the UK before moving to NZ in 1996 where he now runs a motorcycle rental company, CircleNZ. He’s very keen on long distance riding as well as getting off the seal into the back country.  Current favorite ride is a Suzuki V-Strom 650.








NZTA Approved Instructor


Steve is a great guy with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  He is a passionate rider who is just as passionate about helping others.

He is being somewhat elusive with putting something together for the website.  Watch this space 😉





NZTA Approved Instructor

CBTA Assessor

Ride Forever Provider


My father had a Yamaha RD 400 and riding on the back was my first experience on a bike. To say I enjoyed it was an understatement.

In ‘81 my parents “succumbed” to the nagging and gave me my 1st bike for my 16th birthday. A bright red Kawasaki AR50. I LOVED that bike, but truth be told I lost more skin from that than all my other bikes combined. You see, we lived about 2km from the local kart club so I would sneak onto the track every day after school. “Safety Steve” was never present in those days as my riding gear consisted primarily of a helmet, a pair of rugby shorts (jeans if it was cold) and flops, yes I was one of “those” kids… 😊

As the years passed, bikes came and went but my love for speed and racing was ever present.

In ’99 I crashed my CBR 600 F4 at over 200km/h while racing at Kyalami (South Africa) breaking more bones than I care to talk about.

As part of my recovery my doctor suggested I take up cycling and that set me on another path in life.

I became obsessed with cycling, first as a racer then as a coach, something I still do to this day. In 2016 my youngest son Keagan had a life-threatening accident while racing his bicycle in Italy, and this again changed the course of my life.

After spending 3.5 months in Italy while he regained enough strength to fly back to New Zealand, I again found my passion for motorcycles.

On my return I purchased a 2016 GSX-R750 only to discover how much motorcycles had progressed in the years I had been away. Well, it was either that or I had become old and rusty…hmmm, ok it is fair to say, it’s a bit of both.

I met Dan doing a Ride Forever Course towards the end of 2016, liked what he had to say, and the rest is history.

Today I enjoy riding my 2017 DL1000 V-Strom taking in the beautiful sights that NZ has to offer or taking a gentle cruise over to Akaroa on my 2017 GSX-R1000. Of course, I still love the days on the track when I can let “GIXXZILLA” stretch her legs, but the days of the ultimate lap time are long gone.

For me it is more about getting home in one piece and sharing my experiences on the bike with those who want to learn.





NZTA Approved Instructor
CBTA Assessor
Ride Forever Training Provider
ITRA Emergency Driving Police Trainer in On-Road, Off-Road & Motorcycle
I’m 55 years old, born and bread in Dunedin and have recently relocated to Wanaka after completing 30 years of policing.
For the first four years of my police career I worked as a motorcycle officer.
For the last fifteen years I been been the Police riding and driving instructor for the Otago/Southland area.
Motorcycling has always been a passion of mine. Over the years I have been lucky enough to own numerous bikes ranging from  Kawasaki Z1s to the most recent Yamaha R1.
I’m involved in the post classic motorcycle racing scene having regularly competed on tracks throughout NZ. For the last seven years I have represented NZ in the post classic motorcycle team at Phillip Island in Australia.
I am looking forward to helping other people enjoy motorcycling as much as I have.




NZTA Approved Instructor
CBTA Assessor
Ride Forever Training Provider
I’ve always had a love of all things mechanical and as a kid I dreamt of waking up to a motocross bike in my garage.  That finally came true when I got my first bike as a 16year old, much to my parents disgust.  It was a Yamaha RZ250 and it was black and red with a bikini fairing and I thought it was the sexiest two wheeled machine in the whole world.  Unfortunately, I only rode it a couple of times before my parents, rightly so, decided I should sell it.  I needed more experience.

After starting my career as an Aircraft Engineer, I longed to get myself a bike.  It was a few years later however, that I started commuting from Wellington to the Kapiti coast on a Honda VTR250.  I was living the dream.

Then, it was time for a new challenge, so for a period of time, I chased my career all around the world.  From looking after 45 flights a day for Air Nelson at Wellington airport, to having the privilege of working for Sir Tim Wallis at the Alpine Fighter Collection, maintaining 20 WWII aircraft, before my wife and I moved to France to work for a Swiss Airline.   So of course I needed a bike to explore central Europe’s best motorcycling roads.  I chose a VFR750 for the job.

Three years later we were back in Wanaka.  Now with a BMW R80G/S to explore the stunning Central Otago back roads.  Life is good 🙂

This is where I started my own company, building it into a successful aircraft maintenance business, where I could share my experiences and knowledge with young engineers and encourage them to gain their qualifications.

So, how did I become an instructor?  Well, I started taking the Ride Forever courses from Bronze, Silver through to a Gold course every year for the last 6 years and my riding improved quite dramatically every year because of this.  On my last course, my instructor Simon suggested I might like to become an instructor.

What me??  I’m just an average guy on a bike!   I have now completed my Instructor endorsement and am loving teaching.  It’s just so cool to help new riders learn to ride and gain their BHST certificates and prepare for riding on the road.

I’ve just completed my certification so am now also able to assess riders through their CBTA Restricted and Full assessments and present Ride Forever courses.

Having worked tirelessly over my career as an Aircraft Engineer, to keep everyone who flies safe.  It’s time to bring that passion and commitment to the the motorcycling community.  I’m honoured to be able to be part of the Ornsby Motorcycle Training team and to do my part in keeping everyone safe and smooth.






NZTA Approved Instructor
CBTA Assessor
Ride Forever Training Provider

If you ride bikes you have an interest, if you think of nothing but bikes then you’re a little crazy but if you love bikes then you truly have a problem.

Have all of these then you’re as passionate as I am.  I have 4 amazing children, 2 boys, 2 girls, 3 of which also love riding. Married  29 years August 2020 to a very incredible understanding wife when it comes to motorcycles.
I didn’t become a motorcycle Trainer / Assessor because it was a job, I do this because of all the fallen riders I have known in my 45 years of riding and there have been too many.
We are all here to help you enjoy decades of safe riding as I now enjoy.  A decade ago I lay in a hospital bed for months recovering from a traumatic motorcycle accident, followed by years of recovery.  We all say it won’t happen to me but when it does it’s all too late.
My name is Eddie Gilliland help me, to help you ride forever.





When I first met Dan he had just started his business and was running it with a paper diary… It’s fair to say we’ve come a long way since then! For a start… we have children now!

I grew up around motorbikes – my father has always ridden. Apparently he once told Dan that I was the worst pillion rider he had ever taken on his bike. Thanks Dad!

I had a high school mate Seontelle, who taught me to ride in that, sort-of-kind-of-way (we were 17), but as I found out when I meet Dan, there is riding… and there is RIDING. I finally got my licence a few years back, so I can really relate to the challenges people face when they are no-longer fearless teenagers… and want to learn to ride or improve their riding ability.

One thing Dan has always said to me is to trust in the bike and my ability and riding will be much easier. It’s so true!

My advice to anyone who is apprehensive but keen to get into bikes is just remember that although learning to ride is serious stuff, if you are willing to learn and take on advice of your instructor, then you’ll have fun! (and don’t forget to smile so your instructor knows you’re having a good time 😉 )

I love being involved in our business because I share Dan’s and the rest of the teams’ passion for helping riders get more from their riding and encourage them to stay safe. Our slogan is ‘open the road ahead’ which really does truly encapsulate what we are about!

If anyone wants to chat or ask a question or five about what we do give me a call, that’s what I’m here for! I really enjoy helping.