Motorcycle Instructor

My name is Hank and I have been riding bikes for forty- five years.

Motorcycling has always been a passion of mine and like many riders I started on a small 50cc and have since owned many bikes over my lifetime. My experience has been mostly road riding but later in life I also branched out to racing and adventure bike riding.

My racing has helped me become a more precise, smooth and fluid rider. My road riding, more than anything else has taught me the importance of having exceptional observation skills, and, my adventure riding has taught me skills to deal with loose surfaces, undulating terrain and unexpected obstacles.

One of the highlights of my riding career has been a recent bike tour through Bolivia with a couple of mates. We hired DR650s and travelled about 5000ks over mainly gravel roads, going from sea level to 15 000 feet and finishing the trip by completing ‘Death Road’.

Over my riding career I have always been an avid observer of other rider’s skills and have tried to pick the good and bad from their skills to improve my own riding.  To this day I am still critiquing my riding skills and striving to improve.

When I started riding there was no training skills or courses to learn to ride a motorcycle. I am excited to be part of Dan Ornsby Motorcycle Training team as we share the same passion and vision - which is to ensure all riders become up-skilled and ride smarter therefore ensuring their own safety.

I look forward to working with you on your riding skills.