Ride Forever courses are road-based courses which are subsidised by ACC and cost only $20 or $50 but are worth so much more!


Whether you want to learn to ride safely from the beginning, improve your riding, refresh when returning to riding or prepare for a license assessment, these are the course for you!  We have 4 different levels of courses available, check them out below and see what is best suited to you!





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Our Bronze level course is aimed at entry level/novice riders and is predominantly urban based with a small open road component. The course has a strong focus on defensive riding and reinforcing basic bike control skills.  It is a good place to start so you can graduate through the Ride Forever Programme and build on skills in a structured way.

Are you riding a LAMS-approved motorbike? This course specifically focuses on CBTA competencies and tasks, and supports riders intending to sit the Class 6 CBTA Restricted Licence assessment.

Training examples

The Bronze eight hour course covers off key riding competencies. An example of one of these is motorcycle control.

There are four aspects to controlling a motorcycle:

  • positioning
  • speed management
  • progression
  • stability/smoothness

During this section of the course you’ll practice adopting and maintaining the right position on the road at all times (relative to the riding task and hazards present), maintaining progress in traffic flow (keeping up with traffic, accelerating, overtaking if have to), gear selection for road speed, braking, stopping plus more.

A rider can complete 2 Ride Forever courses per year.


To attend this course you must have your Learner Class 6 Motorcycle Licence and be confident to ride in a group.  If you aren’t feeling ready for riding in a group we offer a 4 hour Urban Commuter course which might be better suited for you to attend initially.





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Our Silver level course is aimed at an Intermediate level.  It often appeals to returning riders wishing to regain/build confidence with their riding and/or machinery and reinforces correct techniques and good riding habits.  It is generally open-road based, however also focuses on urban riding and issues often presented in this environment.

This training course specifically focuses on CBTA competencies but at a higher level and supports riders to pass the Class 6 CBTA Full Licence assessment.

Training examples

Riding curves is one aspect of riding covered during the eight hour Silver training course.

You will cover entry, apex and exit of corners, vanishing points and avoiding obstacles, tyre grip and bikes’ capabilities. You will spend time travelling round curves and bends practising looking in the intended direction of travel, bodyweight and stability and hazard identification.

Gives a taste of advanced riding and embeds road craft principles into rider training.  This course supports riders to pass the Class 6 CBTA full licence assessment.

A rider can complete 2 Ride Forever courses per year.


This course is for a intermediate level rider who has previously attended a Bronze level course, a returning rider or those riders who hold their Class 6 Restricted wanting to prepare for their CBTA Full Licence Assessment.




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The Gold course is aimed at seasoned riders wanting to fine tune.  It focuses more on open-road riding/touring and can be tailored to suit the riders’ particular learning objectives.  Ideal for riding groups and clubs.

The Gold level training includes the requirements for riders intending to have their riding skills assessed via a NZ Transport Agency advanced riding assessment.

 Training examples

The Gold training course is made up from a flexible programme of content modules. The trainers will select the modules that best suit the riding interests of the trainees and which will support them to develop specific, advanced riding skills. Some of the modules include:

Group and longer ridesmotorcyle

Riding in formation

Riding with a pillion

Riding with loads

Advanced cornering


Braking into a curve


A rider can complete 1 Gold Ride Forever course per year.


Must be a fully licensed, seasoned rider.