On 1st March 2014 CBTA (Competency Based Training and Assessment) was introduced to the motorcycle licensing system.

CBTA is now offered to motorcyclists as an option over and above completing their Restricted and Full license tests through the AA, VTNZ or VINZ, and can also reduce the time it takes to progress through the license process.

See the flow chart further below to see the comparison of the standard license process and CBTA

CBTA 6F Assessment

Consisting of an assessment ride of 25 – 30 minutes

This can be completed any time after obtaining the Restricted Licence and can reduce the time you are required to hold your Restricted Licence from 18 to 12 months.  i.e. You cannot apply for your Full licence at a licensing agency until you have held your 6R for 12 months.


For more detailed information go to the NZTA website.

COST:  $120.00 inc GST



While training is not compulsory it is recommended to ensure that you have the necessary skills and experience to meet the standard required for the assessment.  Training will not only prepare you for your assessment but will also help build skills and confidence.

Be part of a new generation of higher skilled riders on our roads!

Dan Ornsby Motorcycle Training offers heavily subsidized courses through the Ride Forever Training Programme which are ideal to attend in preparation for your CBTA assessment.

The Silver course is the ideal course to set you up for your Restricted Licence Assessment.  To check out our dates, click here:  Silver Course Dates

One on one training is also available and can be booked as a refresher directly before.  Please mention if you would prefer this option when booking your assessment.


CBTA Flow Chart