Options for completing the NZTA Basic Handling Test

You can book in for an 1 hour, 1 1/2 hours or 2 hours to sit the Basic  Handling test.

For all of these we supply Motorcycle (Suzuki GN 125) and riding gear.

How long you book in for depends on your level of experience on a motorcycle and how long is needed to sit the test.

The test is quite complex.  To learn the requirements and memorise what you need to do you will need at least 30-40 mins of preparation time before you sit the test.   The instructor will take you through the various stages of the test and give you advice where required.  It is conducted in quite a confined environment and revolves around slow speed control. To pass the test to a satisfactory level you need to demonstrate balance of the motorcycle, throttle control, head checks and co ordination, in a controlled and relaxed manner.

*Please note: Depending on how you progress through the session you may be ready to sit the test at the end.  If not, then your instructor will be able to give you a good idea of how much longer you will need.

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1 Hour: $100 *Anyone booking for 1 hour will be arriving with quite a high level of skill and confidence on a bike, and will have had a reasonable amount of riding experience. Given that the assessment takes approximately 15 minutes, 1 hour will allow for only limited practise at each stage before sitting the test.  We always like to ensure that there is an additional half a hour available if needed.  The additional time can be paid for on the day if it is required.


1.5 Hours: $150 *The 1.5 hour booking is aimed at people who can ride a motorcycle but would like a little more time to get comfortable with the bike and content of the test course before completing the test. The extra half hour also allows the instructor time to give tips to help with the test and also offer advice that will assist while riding on the road.


2 Hours: $200 *Designed for people with limited riding experience or who are lacking confidence. The 2 hour session obviously allows more time on the bike, and also gives the instructor the opportunity to help build on good riding habits and develop the correct techniques that will make riding both more enjoyable and safe.


See the simulation below:

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