Motorcycle Instructor

After a lifetime (well, only 27 years actually) in the NZ Police, I've decided to transfer all my experiences to the role of helping people enjoy motorcycling as much as I do.  My years of being a Police patrol motorcyclist have taught me a wealth of things I am looking to use to help people enjoy their riding.

At age 15 , longer ago than I care to remember, I had my motorcycle licence, and it's been a passion since then. My first ride was a Honda CB250N, followed by a Kawasaki GPz550H3.  My bike career almost ended there when the GPz was stolen. At age 22 I joined what was then the traffic department, riding a BMW R80RT-P. I had done a few years in the Navy at that stage, and was looking for a job where I would get paid to ride a bike. I had no idea that it would be 27 years before I moved on.

I've seen a lot of transport trends come and go over the years, but my passion for bikes has lasted the distance.  In 2005 I started the project to get motorcycles reintroduced to the Police in Christchurch.  I had a BMW F800ST at that stage.  I was the Police Motorcycle Sergeant and trainer until I resigned to concentrate on my current role in May 2015.  A series of private Beemers have seen me still on a R1200RT, to match the bikes I've ridden at work.  I've worked as a Road Policing Trainer both in Canterbury and at the Royal NZ Police College.

My experience has taught me that there are many causes of "bins" for riders, many of which we can control. Sure, some are beyond our control, but there is a lot we can do to improve our riding safety. The crashes I have attended have caused me to look at what we can do to protect ourselves.

To be sure, a racer I am not.  Dan is your man for that.  But I bring a wealth of experience of road skills with me.

I have come to realise that enforcement can only go so far in improving road safety.  Rider education plays such an important role.  Its great to be able to work helping people improve their motorcycling experiences, staying in the motorcycle world.

Motorcycling, cycling and supporting my wife's cafe business !!