Beginner lessons moving you through the skills required to pass the Basic Handling Skills Test for the first stage of the Learner Licence. The 1.5 hour booking is aimed at people who can ride a motorcycle but would like a little more time to get comfortable with the bike and content of the test course before completing it. The extra half hour also allows the instructor time to give tips to help with the test and also offer advice that will assist while riding on the road.

Beginner Motorcycle Training, Learn to ride, Learner Motorcycle Licence

The test is quite complex.  To learn the requirements and memorise what you need to do you will need at least 30-40 mins of preparation time before you sit the test.   The instructor will take you through the various stages of the test and give you advice where required.  

It is conducted in quite a confined environment and revolves around slow speed control.  To pass the test to a satisfactory level you need to demonstrate balance of the motorcycle, throttle control, head checks and coordination, in a controlled and relaxed manner.

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