Thanks Chris for your email.  We really appreciate it!

Hi guys,

I am an older bloke who always wanted to get a vintage motorbike.  I got myself a bike and set about getting my licence.  I managed to get my learners licence after about 30mins of riding around my small back yard.  From that moment I could then set foot on the road.  In hindsight I had so little actual riding experience and knew very little about what I was doing.  Fortunately a friend suggested that I should do the Ride Forever (Learners) course. This was a very good, hands on day.  I got so many simple tips on parts of riding that I had never thought about.  Even the fact that we spent several hours out on the road, which was something I hadn’t done, gave me a real boost of confidence.

This is a course that I would strongly recommend to any novice rider.  The bike will come out again as the weather gets warmer and with the knowledge I learnt on the course, I shall continue to ride without crashing or being crashed into.


Chris Lucy