The Team at Dan Ornsby Motorcycle Training promote ALL THE GEAR ALL THE TIME.  Why you might ask?….

Wearing the right gear

Dan wearing his bare minimum…

Firstly we value our bodies and would like to preserve what we have been gifted in life.  Some may take their hands, fingers, feet and toes for granted but we can guarantee that one day you might be left with a whole lot of regret if you do.

Minimum gear requirements in our view are: Helmet, Armoured Jacket, Gloves, Armoured Pants (or at least abrasion proof pants) and Boots!  If you want specific ideas then let us know, we will help with advice where we can.

You will find an endorsement of the same philosophy below that will really make you stop and think about what you wear the next time you jump on your bike, or on the back of a bike, even if it is a nice hot Summer’s day!



Brittany has experienced first hand what happens if you don’t have good gear on when riding, and the unexpected happens.  Here is a note from her and her stories follows below.


Hey everyone, thanks for making some time to read about my story. I promise you won’t regret learning from my mistakes rather than your own!  It’s been over ten years since my accident and I still feel the consequences every day. Hopefully I can motivate you to take a closer look at your choices before you get on a motorcycle and while you’re riding, and then make the best decisions for yourself. Have fun, ride well, ride safe and Ride Forever!

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She was young and made a mistake that has changed her life forever.  We often choose to make our own mistakes but when we have the opportunity to learn from someone who has experienced first hand something that we often say ‘will never happen to me!’, don’t you think we owe it to them to listen?

Brittany wants to help you understand why gear is more than just a good idea, it’s a must!  Check out her story on the clip above.

She came to NZ recently on her quest to help anyone who will listen and we were lucky enough to have met her and hear her speak.  She is an inspiration.  There’s no sugar coating what happened to her and the repercussions she has to deal with every day.  Brittany doesn’t want to glamourise her accident, she wants you to feel what she feels everyday through telling you her story so you don’t make the same mistake.

At the time of her accident over 10 years ago she was a pillion.  She has since learnt to ride and has 20160213_132347helped form an organisation called ROCK THE GEAR!  They help with advice and promote gear for everyone.  Wearing the right gear is about protecting yourself but it is also about being an individual and expressing yourself.   It shouldn’t be a hassle, but a point of difference for you out there on the road.  It can help you be seen and recognised.  There’s something out there for every style, size, shape and season.  If you need ideas check out her page or talk to us, that’s what we’re here for.